An Easy Guide to Acing Foreign Exchange Program Interviews

Studying abroad is a dream for many people. However, it is important to properly estimate the planning before taking any action. Studying abroad allows students to interact with other people from different cultures and traditions. You would not only be studying in the host country but also living in it. Therefore, it is important to plan everything from scratch and have a full-fledged idea about the entire process.

Apart from that, you also have to look into the various foreign exchange programs. These programs are meant to help students fulfill their dream of living abroad and obtaining their degrees. The interview for a foreign exchange program is perhaps the most stressful part of the process. Many people are simply not that extroverted when it comes to interaction. Fortunately, there are a bunch of ‘ideas’ to get you across any foreign exchange programs.

How to prepare for a foreign exchange program?

Every good thing requires preparation and practice. Therefore, here are some of the ways to prepare for foreign exchange programs:

    • Optimize your resume: Before going in for an interview, do your best to study your resume fully. Remember the keywords so that you do not become confused with past and present qualifications. Be ready to be interrogated about the content in the resume. Oftentimes, interviewers make it a point to ask you about your past experiences and how they impacted you in the process. Make sure to go through each of your experiences in order to learn how they affected you and what you took away from it. This is a great way for the interviewers to understand your psyche and where you are fit for the program or not.

    • Be calm and composed: You might want to be accepted for the program very badly but that is the case for every other participant opting for it. However, being stressed about it will get you nowhere. Rather, try to calm down and try not to see it as a one-sided interrogation. Consider it to be a friendly conversation with another person. That way, you would be able to open up more and get your points across in a better way possible. Apart from that, try your hard to control every single thing during the interaction. Even if you do not make it through the plan, there are plenty of other opportunities to look into.

    • Study about the country and its program: Before the day of the interview, sit down and study the various aspects of the program. Know what you have applied for and make sure to know the answer. Your interviewers might ask you questions regarding the programs and you should be able to answer them. Make sure to come up with your mission and vision regarding this. Also, learn some details about the country you are planning to go to.

    • Provide a good first and last impression: In order to be the part, you have to dress the part. When you go to the interview, make sure to be formally dressed and main proper hygienic habits. Showcase your confident body language and make a good and polite impression.

Final Take

Remember that you have to work hard to fulfill your dreams. While studying abroad may not be a particularly easy dream to fulfill, it is still possible to do so. Be confident and believe in yourself.