Everything You Wanted to Know About High School Summer Abroad Programs

Summer abroad programs are the cheapest form of international exchange programs. Due to the short duration of the program, students can save themselves from bearing the huge expenses of a study abroad program. Besides, it helps students to make use of their summer vacation in the utmost productive manner. Students who have the spirit of adventure should definitely opt for this life-time opportunity to alter their experiences. This program is especially suitable for students who want to travel but feel uncomfortable staying away from their parents for a long time. It usually starts in the summertime when the schools are closed. There are two types of short-term high school summer abroad programs available. This includes a youth exchange program and international youth camps. Both of these courses offer unique advantages to students. And it can significantly shape their career for a better future. Because the duration is short in the host country, the airfares and tourist visas are extremely affordable and convenient. Let’s take a look at the different types of summer exchange programs that are available, 

An International Exchange Program 

The international high school summer abroad programs are organized for a period of two months. During this program, two families typically agree to send their children to be hosted in foreign countries by another family with their children of similar ages. First, one student travels to a foreign country and spends three to four weeks with the host family. Then two of the students travel to the house of the first student to stay for a period of three to four weeks. Both the families host the other child and send their child to experience the country. The total duration can be around two months. However, the length of the stay can be mutually decided. 

An International Youth Camp 

The international youth camp is another way to experience a foreign country, make friends with a wide variety of people and yield the advantages of a study abroad program. These summer camps are located mainly in Europe, Taiwan, India, Mexico, the US, Canada, and Brazil. These are the source of social and cultural exchanges among students. Technically, this is a little different than an exchange program. But, it offers the same level of benefits that a typical exchange program offers. The camps bring together students of similar age groups from 10 to 20 countries. Each of these camps has a dedicated theme. And they focus on arts, culture, peace-building, and sightseeing. But, in most cases, it contains a mixture of different areas. 

Pick the Ideal Program: 

Depending upon the cost and suitability of the program, students must pick the ideal one. Sometimes, it also depends on the availability of the programs in the specific area. Also, applicants must complete all the documentation before visiting these abroad programs. So, students must conduct enough research to choose an ideal program that suits their budget.